American Goldfinch 3D Hand Painted

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Here is my American Goldfinch! The earring hooks are nickel free and hand painted, your pair will look slightly different from the picture
These earrings are made with the following materials
• Nylon plastic For The 3d Printed Base
• Acrylic paints
• Modpodge For Sealer
• The Earring Hooks Are Nickle Free
• Silicone tips so you do not lose them once you get your pair
These guys are about 1 3/8 long and about a 1/4 thick.
Even with the relatively large size they are so light you will forget they are even there. These guys are endemic to the United States. If you have a bird feeder then chances are you have them in your yard. These guys in the winter are sometimes confused with Lesser Goldfinches they way to know if it is an American Goldfinch is the white on the rump.
These earrings are hand painted so each piece is different but similar. Order your own unique American Goldfinch today!