Bear Paw Print Earring

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These Bear paw earrings are 3d printed. These were made on a bit of a whim while doing some other bears and I just found these guys to much fun not to offer to you all. I hope you enjoy these earrings!
These little cuties come with the following in a jewelry box
· Plated Silver Earring hooks
· A pair of silicone tips to help you keep your earrings on once they arrive
These earrings are 3d printed using a printer that can-do multiple colors at one time. This process requires some special 3d modeling and the printing process is very time intensive. These earrings also have a special processing to get the shiny finish witch also bonds the different colors together. The material that is used is a special blend of ABS (think Legos) that is designed to break down in an active landfill so these will not add as much to our plastic pollution problems.
These earrings do not have any issues with heat like a hot car. Do not expose these earrings to acetone or super glue as these chemicals melt this plastic.