Bronze Great Blue Heron Earrings

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These are my Bronze Great Blue Heron Earrings!
These Great Blue Heron come with the following in a jewelry box
· Plated Silver Earring hooks
· A pair of silicone tips to help you keep your earrings on once they arrive
1 ¾ tall and 1 3/8 wide
These Great Blue Herons are quite a common bird here in the Pacific Northwest. These are the largest of the Herons in North America. These guys are a wading bird that that hunts small fish and other small animals around water ways
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These earrings are 3d printed using a printer that has been modified to print with this special metal/plastic alloy. The mixture is a plant-based plastic and a ground up metal this allows for a bit of a sparkle in the sun.
These earrings do not have any issues with heat like a hot car.