Copper Hammerhead Shark Earrings

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These are my Copper Hammerhead Sharks!
These Hammerhead Sharks come with the following in a jewelry box
· Plated Silver Earring hooks
· A pair of silicone tips to help you keep your earrings on once they arrive
2 1/8 long, 7/8 wide and 1/16 thick.
These Hammerhead Sharks are based off the Great Hammerhead Shark. Hammerhead Sharks are actually a family of sharks with several different species. The greater Hammerhead has been severely impacted by humans and is endangered due in large part to the demand for “Shark Fin Soup.” These guys are apex predators in their natural habitat. These guys are a nomadic solitary hunter and are rarely a threat to people
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These earrings are 3d printed using a printer that has been modified to print with this special metal/plastic alloy. The mixture is a plant-based plastic and a ground up metal this allows for a bit of a sparkle in the sun.
These earrings do not have any issues with heat like a hot car.