Tufted Puffin 3d Hand Painted Earrings

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Here is my Tufted Puffins! The earring hooks are nickel free and hand painted your pair will look slightly different from the picture
These earrings are made with the following materials
• Nylon plastic For The 3d Printed Base
• Acrylic paints
• Modpodge For Sealer
• The Earring Hooks Are Nickle Free
• Silicone tips so you do not lose them once you get your pair
These guys are about 1 1/8 long and about a 3/8 thick.
These bird a sea bird they only come to shore to breed. These guys have a little tuft on the ear. You will have a hard time finding anything with these birds what you will find Horned Puffins. Now the reason for this is that the Horned Puffin is found around the upper part of the northern hemisphere while the Tufted Puffing is only along the west coast of North America. So, this is a bit of a rarer bird for me they do not range much farther south than I am in Portland, OR. If you want to see them I suggest going the Oregon Coast Aquarium they have a great aviary with these birds and some others coming soon…
These earrings are hand painted so each piece is different but similar. Order your own unique Tufted Puffins today.